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The Ecommerce
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Almost EVERYONE in the US who has internet access has made an online purchase at some point in time.

Total Ecommerce sales is forecasted at $3.3 trillion in 2019 And $4.5 TRILLION By 2021.

80% of those people made a purchase in the last 30 days.

In other words, Ecommerce is a part of DAILY LIFE for most Americans.

Figures Don’t Lie – Ecommerce is HUGE!

And it’s not just giants such as Amazon and EBay that are raking in the profit…..small businesses and
Marketers are experiencing the Exact Same Trend.

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Ecom Is Transforming Former Struggling Marketers To
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The Problem With Ecom Is That

==>Hiring experts to research niches
==>Finding profitable product
==>Finding good suppliers and set up agreements,
==>writing converting product copy,
==>Creating Facebook ads…..

Is seriously complicated, time consuming and expensive.
It can cost $5k - $20k on an ongoing monthly basis!

The majority of fledgling Ecom marketers simply do not have that kind of money to spend…

So they have no option but to carry on struggling…..

The 3 Reasons
Why Most New Ecom Marketers Struggle
(Avoid These Like The Plague Or You Will FAIL)
– Which One Have YOU Fallen For?

Do you wonder why everyone (including you) is failing to make money on Ecom…..despite all those impressive looking research apps and tools? These apps and software are being used by so many Ecom marketers…. If everyone is just spying on everyone and copying each other… That’s just the blind leading the blind!!

Another scam from Ecom ‘gurus’ are snazzy store builders, which promise to create awesome looking online stores, already prepopulated with apparently ‘surefire’ products… Look, we’re all for time-saving software and apps…. But we’re just not at that stage where ‘bots’ are actually intelligent enough to pick products the way a human can.

After you find the hot selling products, what next? Perhaps you’ve even tried to run some Facebook ads in the past, and failed miserably? Copywriting for ads is definitely not a stroll in the park, and not something that can be learnt overnight.

Is It Any Wonder
Over 90% Of New Ecom Marketers
Throw In The Towel In The First Year?

This is YOUR Opportunity….

To break FREE from the cycle of buying ever more over-hyped apps,
research tools, store builders and crappy Ecom courses

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Even this 7 figure Ecom tycoon does not know it all….
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Now You Also Have
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Get The Same Products And The Same Ads He Uses,
Get New Products And Ads EVERY WEEK And
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(and failing, as ‘bots’ can never be as discerning as humans) Our team of HUMAN experts have manually handpicked 100+ winning ‘can’t fail’ products, and will continue to add more products every week.

Our expert ad copywriters write bespoke, proven-to-convert, Facebook ads for EVERY single recommended product. Each one of the 100+ handpicked products come with a corresponding Facebook ad. These are the EXACT ads our Ecom tycoon used to pull in $2 million last year from just ONE of his stores! And our experts will continue to create new ad copy every week for each new product added.

Our team will find the perfect drop shipping supplier for each recommended product, and hook you up with them for hassle-free set up.

Our team will only hook you up with reliable suppliers, who have already supplied our Ecom millionaire, so have complete confidence that they will deliver a quality product, and deliver on time (the 2 main issues that cause refunds).

Uduala has covered more than 90% of the work for you; just point, click, copy and paste to run your lucrative Ecom business almost passively. And with new products being added on a weekly basis, together with corresponding proven Facebook ads, you can scale up your business in no time. Finding success is easy when you’re standing on the shoulders of an Ecom giant!

There are other platforms out there that use human experts to do all the grunt work for fledgling Ecom marketers, but they are usually accessed via an expensive monthly subscription (that costs anything from several hundred to several thousand dollars!) For the first time ever, get unlimited access to our experts for just a small one-time fee!

If you’re already started a Shopify or WooCommerce store, you can import detailed listings of our recommended products into your store with just one click.

Build An Unlimited, Uncapped
PASSIVE Income from Ecom

Uduala is Fast and Easy

Fast and Easy To Build A Store

Fast and Easy To Sell Can’t-Fail Products

Fast and Easy to Get Started

Fast and Easy To Import Products

Just imagine, in less than 24 hours, you can be running a successful Ecom business.
A proven, sure-fire biz where YOU are the boss, and YOU are in control!

There are no limits.

No Product Research

No Searching For
Reliable Suppliers

No Learning
Facebook Ads


No Taking Up All
Of Your Time

No Learning

You already know that your Ecom business will have a huge pool of customers – because every product you sell will be a proven product, and every Facebook ad you run is proven to convert (remember, you’ll be given the exact targeting our Ecom millionaire uses too).

No Time Wasting, No Need For Creativity,
No Trial And Error, No Guesswork!

Remember, you are not just spying on other Ecom marketers using research tools, and blindly copying what they do…..

Nor are you leaving the success of your business down to automated ‘bots’….

When you do that, no matter how hard you try, and how many courses you buy, your next store is bound to FAIL, especially if you're a newbie.

Instead, we’re showing you a way to flip the table……get inside an exclusive ‘club’ where real, human experts sift the wheat from the chaff….

And find closely-guarded ‘secret’ Ecom products for our Ecom tycoon….

Products that generate over 200% ROI…..products that you can sell too!

Prepare for drop shipping suppliers to run out of stock (it’s happened to our Ecom tycoon many times) – that’s how hot these products are.

Uduala truly is the goose that will lay golden eggs for you!

Just let our Ecom expert hand over his 7-figure-a-year Ecom blueprint to you, with the exact products he sells…

And the exact, ready-to-upload-and-go-viral Facebook ad campaigns, that are 100% compliant, currently generating a ton of free traffic, and making him a killing in sales and net profits.

Imagine Yourself In One Month From Now…
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You don’t need to spend time on researching products, investigating suppliers, learning copywriting and ad creation…….Uduala does it all.

And the best bit? You don’t have to worry about next month’s bills or mortgage…..

When you only sell proven products, and run proven Facebook ads, you know you’re going to get an avalanche of sales that will take care of your financial headaches.

Your bank account and your family with LOVE you.

The Uduala System Is So Easy To Use,
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Using Just a Quick and Easy 3 Step Routine

Add proven, handpicked products to your store with One Click.

Simple registration with pre-approved drop shipping suppliers

Upload Done-for-You FB ads with the exact targeting

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Uduala eCom

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Included For a Limited Time ONLY
You Also Get:

FB Commando (Facebook E-Commerce and Marketing Solution)

With FBCommando, Selling on Facebook has never been easier, faster, or more scalable. FBCommando is the leading ecommerce platform customized by our in house team for today's marketers looking to sell effectively on Facebook despite the BIG change on the newsfeed.

FB Commando is a bot that allows you to sell your product from your facebook page and website in a unique way.

Most of the E-commerce companies have started selling their products via facebook messenger. To make the selling process easy and automated we have developed FB Commando that will auto answer your customer's query right inside messenger, allow them to browse product in messenger, see the details of products and they can pay via paypal. On the other hand you can see your earning analytics, manage order,products and customers from admin dashboard. There is also an integrated facebook scraper that helps you to find page, place, event, group and user on facebook according to your query.

WPClickbank Niche Storefront

Clickbank is the World’s Largest Digital Info Product Store. As a Clickbank affiliate, one can make tons of CASH by promoting these products.

The most effective way to earn with CB products is targeted marketing, also known as niche marketing. Niche storefronts contains only a set of products that all relate to a certain subject, for example “green energy” or “energy saving”.

Using this plugin, you can host a niche storefront of your choice to your existing wordpress blog with just few clicks. More than 60 premade niches to choose from!

Easy to install. Just add this shortcode to any WordPress page/post.

Clickbook Instagram & Gallery Woocommerce WordPress

Ever wanted to turn your Instagram images into picture shoppable links? Ever wanted to mix & match outfits for your shop ?

This tool will help you to turn your Instagram followers into Customers. This plugin built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress & WooCommerce, this plugin is changing the way your customers discover and shop your products right in your Instagram feeds. Also, you can associate your products together as well with clickbook feature and show with nice gallery layout. If you own a business, it's time you start seeing your Instagram followers as potential customers, and to work on converting them into regular customers. With the Instagram extension for WooCommerce, sharing how customers are using your products has never been easier.

CartActivate - WooCommerce Abandoned Cart & Remarketing in Facebook Messenger.

It's time to Get your customers back & increase sales with Messenger automation.

This is the most effective way to recover abandoned carts, Generate and boost sales leads withautomated Facebook Messenger chat box, Get high open and click rates, Customize your message and call-to-action button, Collect users' data to follow up. CartActivate is the first WooCommerce extension that allows you to message your abandoned shoppers on Facebook. This extension let the store owners to re-target their audiences through Facebook Messenger if there customers leave their cart behind without checking out.

Easy to install. Just add this shortcode to any WordPress page/post.

Just a quick reminder of
everything you’re getting:


Saving You Over $3,445
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Uduala eCom

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By getting started today, you are taking the unique opportunity to..

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You will barely need to lift a finger. Over 90% of all the work is done for you….

Start importing proven products to your store today, fire up ‘ready to upload’ proven FB ads, and start profiting within 24 hours.

This is a seriously unique opportunity. No other done-for-you Ecom platform gives you access to experts in every conceivable area for this low investment.

You’ll start turning a profit, and scaling up your Ecom business, immediately from the moment you sign up.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Your bank account and family will thank you.

Just imagine how proud they will be when you start generating 5 figure monthly profits…

No more worries about the bills, the mortgage, your kid’s college fund…

Just imagine how happy you will be when you are able to ‘rinse and repeat,’ with new products and new Facebook ads every single week…

So the sales and profits just keep on coming!

With just a handful of sales, you’ll be able to cover your investment today.

We know you’ve received lots of ‘make money online’ offers before in your inbox…

But don’t let this put you off..

This is not another crappy Ecom course or some over-hyped Ecom software…

This is very real opportunity for you to clone a 7 figure Ecom expert, and build a real, scalable business….

Day after day. Fast and easily. With no previous experience required.

And remember, we are here with you every step of the way.

This Is The Closest You’ll Get To Guaranteed Success In Ecom
You Don’t Need Yet Another Ecom Course Or Spy Software…

What You Need Are Battle-Tested
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Uduala eCom

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Our done-for-you system works only if every man and his dog does not have access to our exclusive inner circle.

After all, if everyone started running the same ads, we will hit a saturation point where our Ecom expert’s business will be hit, as well as everyone else in the Uduala club.

Which is why Uduala will be available for $197 monthly subscription very soon, to make sure only the truly serious join us, and too keep our numbers manageable…

So that we all make a killing from Ecom without becoming competition for each other!

If you're lucky enough to have found this sales page, it means you have the chance right now, to access Uduala for a one-time fee.

And remember, the experts working for our Ecom millionaire will carrying on adding new products, complete with tried and tested FB ads, every week, so you can build and scale a long term 6-7 figure business.

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Any Smart Person Knows That This Is The
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You Getting The Exact Products, The Exact Suppliers

 And The Exact 6 Figure Facebook Ad Campaigns
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Get Uduala For Just $147/month $30.05 One-Time!

Uduala eCom

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P.S. You already know that Uduala is a done-for-you system where you will get 100+ of the exact products that are selling bucket loads right now (imported into your chosen store with just one click)…

Plus the exact drop shipping suppliers to use, AND the exact FB ads that our 7 figure Ecom tycoon is using to get a flood of sales to every single product, every time…

The possibilities are endless, the opportunity is real, and the amount of net profits you can make = uncapped…..Do not miss out.

P.P.S. Remember, you’ll never have any regrets. Our team of Uduala experts are here for you, every step of the way, and the 30 day 'take action' money back guarantee makes sure of that.

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