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A New Breakthrough App That Generates Lead Funnels In 60 Seconds And Grows Your List With 100% FREE Traffic!

With Exclusive 100+ Done For You List Building Funnels AND An Inbuilt Traffic Generation Software. Includes:

  • 'Done For You' Lead Magnets ? 
  • 'Done For You' FREE Traffic Automation From Social Media
  • 'Done For You' Landing Pages
  • DFY Facebook Ads Creatives for Paid Traffic
  • 'Done For You' Thank You Pages
  • 'Done For You' Email Swipes For Solo Ads

Limited Time Special Offer

Normal Price: $564/Year

Today Only: $67 One Time Fee

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  • A New Breakthrough App That Generates Lead Funnels In 60 Seconds
  • Grows Your List With 100% FREE VIRAL Traffic Using 100+ DFY Lead Funnels
  • Effortlessly Build Highly Responsive Lists Across Multiple Niches
  • Bank BIG Selling Your Own or Affiliate Products
  • Fully Cloud Based. Grow Your List And Business On The Fly
    No Hosting. No Coding. No Designing Skills Required


  • Get Commercial License Free Of Cost
  • Expensive Software Given Away As Bonuses
  • A One-Time Unbelievably Low Price Tag

Using These 'Done For You' Lead Funnels, Our Members Generated MASSIVE Results In No Time…

Case Study #1:
Steve: 11,408 Subscribers In 16 Days
+ 5 figure affiliate commissions

Steve Added 11,408 Leads In 16 Days And Now Makes 5 Figures In Affiliate Promotions In A Month... went on to Rank #3 On The Leaderboard during funnel joy launch on JVZoo

Case Study #2:
Tony: 198 Subscribers In 19 Hours
A complete newbie

Tony Got 198 new Subscribers less than 24 hours after activating leadGrow and he is also using the lead magnets himself for his own business... He also used one of the lead magnets (Clickfomo Software) to boost his website conversion.

Case Study #3:
James: 47 Subscribers In 45 Mins
+ $300 in in sales (45 mins)

James Landed 47 Subscribers And $300 In Paid Bookings. His niche is not a popular niche and he was excited to see lead magnets for his niche. leadGrow covers multiple niches and verticals.

Case Study #4:
Jessica: 131 Subscribers In 1 Weekend
+ Made her first ever affiliate commission

Jessica added 131 Subscribers In 1 Weekend And made $27 - her first ever affiliate commission. This is her first commission after many years investing in related products.

In Minutes From Now... These Fast-Track List Building Assets Would Be Yours To Put YOUR List Building On Steroids

And Many More...
A Total of 100+ Funnels All Done For You

The ONLY Work YOU Need To Do Is…


Choose a lead magnet

Login to the cloud software and choose from 100+ DFY lead magnets


Connect Your Autoresponder (Optional)

You can connect to your autoresponder… Over 250+ autoresponders supported. No worries if you don't have an autoresponder yet. There is an inbuit system for you


Activate The Traffic Software

Activate the viral traffic software and use the marketing assets (emails, viral post, etc) to drive traffic to your squeeze pages and add 100s of subscribers daily on autopilot.

Then Watch Your List Grow By 100 - 500 Subscribers Daily

Neil Napier

Kyvio CEO

... I have seen a lot of DFY programmes buy they fail...  listGrow is unique. If you want to build your list, this is the fastest way to get moving. This proget is getting my 5 star ratings and I recommend you invest in it...

Limited Time Special Offer

Normal Price: $564/Year

Today Only: $67 One Time Fee

HURRY! Price Increasing Again Soon


Ifiok NK - The Marketer behind Socicake, Uduala, AgencyBlitz, DesignBundle, Designa Suite, Convertproof and a lot of other top-rated software

 To: Marketers and Business Owners who need a responsive list of active buyers

Re: Put your list building on ‘hyperactive and autopilot’ mode


Money is in the list – a phrase you must be sick and tired of hearing, reading and seeing written literally…everywhere.

Yet, the problem is - it’s everywhere because it’s freakin true.

The first step to start making profits is deciding to offer a service or sell a product online.

Once past that…

The second step is to Google…

“How Do I Grow My List Fast?”

Here’s the answer Google throws at you:

So, you see…

1. It took Google 0.67 seconds to throw about 78,60,00,000 results at you
2. The top result shows you 73… freakin 73 ways to try to build a list

But yes, most of the ways listed are good and they deliver results.

However, what Google did not tell you is the amount of money, effort and time these methods would require. To sum it up… you can start using these methods and may be your grandkids would be somewhat proud of the list you’ll leave behind as a legacy…

Of course, half the list would be dead by then… I mean half the people on that list would be dead by then and the other half would not give a rats-ass as they would be waiting for death.

Ok… I know that sounds too tragic – but again… it is true.

Let’s do this…

I’ll take the top 6 methods listed here and show what’s the kind of damage that you are looking at if you were to try these out…

One-up the competition with your lead magnet by making it bigger and better… Cost $50. And you would need 100 of these.

So that’s $5,000

Add content upgrades to your blog posts. ... These could be as simple as a PDF, condensed version of the post with additional, “bonus” information. But then first you need a Blog… actually 100 blogs. You can write these or outsource these. Cost: $65 even if you are on a shoe-string budget and go for the cheapest one.

That’s $6,500

Make some of your content gated. ... Gated content is content on your website that can’t be accessed until the visitor enters their email address. Now this “Gate” is an Optin Form. It comes at a price… Cost: $75.

So, total $7,500.

Host webinarsYou’ll need to learn how to host a webinar. You can buy a course for that for around $600 and then get access to the platform from where you’ll host this webinar. Cost: Between $89-$429 per month. Oh and also, you’ll need to run some ads to get people to come to your webinar.

That costs extra…

Host a giveaway. ... 

This requires participants to sign up with their email address, and give them Additional Entries when they share the giveaway on social media. Basically, it more lead magnets.

Create a quiz and require participants to enter their email address before they can download their results. Cost: $55. You’ll need a 100 of these.

So, $5,500.

So, at the moment you are down at least… $10,000 and a countless number of hours spent on creating these or getting these done, using these and waiting for trickles of traffic to roll-in.

The question is… Did Google lie? By Now I am sure you are hoping that it did… But sadly – It didn’t. You DO need all these and many more… in fact all 73 of them to get a decent number of people on your list to start making some money online.

Is there another way? – Yes.

These Early Adopters Did The same thing… 

But A little differently! They hit the ground running and created a MASSIVE list in no time…

Yipee... I have no regrets buying the founders deal for leadGrow. Took me 8 months and over $2000 wasted on facebook ads to build a 800 sub list last year.

With list grow I was able to grow my list from 700 subs to 1,521 subs in less than a week without spending a penny on ads. This is really amazing. My only regrets is that I wish I started earlier.

Brian Cole

I actually borrowed money from my wife to join during the special webinar deal.

I got 18 subscribers that night and 657 subscribers by the end of the week. 

And that is from just 2 lead funnels which took only a few minutes to setup. I did 2 sales and paid back what I borrowed. the software paid for itself. Many thanks.

Jim W

This software is over the top. I am very selfish when it comes to reviews for software. The last time I used the phrase - 'over the top' for a software was in 2011 for an SEO software that was magical.

leadGrow is over the top and I strongly recommend it for anyone who wants to grow his list. First day using I added 47 new subscribers.

Ren Collier

I use the lead magnets for personal use too

The value in just 1 lead magnet is worth more than price. And there are 100+ lead magnets. I added more than more 200 subscribers the first day, but am more excited about the value of the lead magnets as I am using them for my own business. I read one of the reports, implemented in my agency business and it worked. I am currently using clickfomo (one of the lead magnets) on my website and I have seen a boost in my conversion. If these lead magnets work for me, that means it will work for my subscribers. A big confidence booster.

Tony Suki

117 subscribers, 27 sales, $923 In Commission

I was super amazed by how I could easily set up my list building campaign that got me 117 real subscribers and 27 sales ($923 In Commission) in 21hrs.Wow! This is really amazing… The Best part of it is that I can easily integrate leadGrow with my existing Autoresponder or Export my list manually... this Software is way above its current price.

Gbenebara Emmanuel

So, here we go… let me unveil:

A New Breakthrough App That Generates Lead Funnels In 60 Seconds And Grows Your List With 100% FREE VIRAL Traffic!

leadGrow Is A Complete DFY System That Works Till Every Last Bit Of Traffic Is Turned Into A Lead And Added To Your List – Ready To buy From You

Without Breaking A Sweat Copywriting Content For Pages And Blogs

Without Paying Exorbitant Fee Hosting And Domain Registration

Say Goodbye To Expensive Freelancers

Engage Your List And Sell Your Products And Services

Effortlessly Create Lead Magnets

Building Squeeze Pages Without Touching A Line Of Code

Without Spending Money On Paid Traffic And Ads

Without Stressing Yourself, Wasting Your Time Or Money

Make Money By Selling Other People’s Product

Limited Time Special Offer

Normal Price: $564/Month

Today Only: $67 One Time Fee

HURRY! Special Launch Offer Ending Soon...

When we say everything’s Done-For-You… we mean it!

  • 'Done For You' Lead Magnets
  • 'Done For You' Landing Pages
  • 'Done For You' Thank You Pages
  • 'Done For You' FREE Traffic Automation From Social Media
  • 'Done For You' Facebook Ads Creative for Paid Traffic
  • 'Done For You' Email Swipe For Solo Ads

The ONLY Work YOU Need To Do Is…


Choose a lead magnet

Choose from 100+ DFY lead magnets


Connect Your Autoresponder (Optional)

You can connect to your autoresponder… Over 250+ autoresponders supported. No worries if you don't have an autoresponder yet. There is an inbuit system for you


Activate The Traffic Software

Activate the viral traffic software and use the marketing assets (emails, viral post, etc) to drive traffic to your squeeze pages and add 100s of subscribers daily on autopilot.

Watch Me Setup A List Building  A Campaign From Scratch In Just Minutes

Let’s Show You LeadGrow On The Inside...

100+ DFY Lead Magnets

You get 100+ DFY irresistible products to offer as an incentive for users to optin to your lead generation campaigns.

And these are not just crappy books, but premium reports, video courses and software (plugins and even SaaS). One such SaaS lead magnet is our ClickFomo Social Proof software which was launched last year on JVZoo and even now is currently selling for $67.

Your audience will be ready to pay to get their hands on such high-quality products, let alone give their email addresses.

Auto Generated Squeeze 
Pages & Thank You Pages

For every lead campaign, the software automatically generates a squeeze page and a thank you page for you. No need to hire a designer or sweat it out yourself. Also, no need to pay for hosting or purchase a domain name.

Believe me… getting this done from the market or by yourself is a pain in the neck. But today you’ll be getting 100+ of these enticing Squeeze pages and Thank You pages for as low as a few cents each.

1-Click Integration With Your Favorite Autoresponder, CRM & Marketing Apps

leadGrow will connect the DFY funnels with your autoresponder to grow your list: We have made integrations 1-Click easy with major platforms like GetResponse, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, Sendlane, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Web Hooks, Web Forms, etc. directly and over 250 others through Zapier.

No need to waste time and energy transferring leads from one platform to another. Simplicity re-defined.

Siphon FREE Traffic & Leads 
From Social Media In A Few Clicks


Inbuilt Clickable Images app allows you to share your generated funnels across multiple social media platforms for FREE viral traffic. Also, each lead funnel comes with 'proven to convert' viral post creatives (attention grabbing images, headlines, descriptions) done for you by pro copywriters.

Just pick a funnel, spread it across the Social Media and tap these active leads goldmines.

DFY Facebook Ads Creative
& Run Optimized Ads In 1 Click 

Inbuilt Ads Creator app allows you to create optimized Facebook ads for your generated funnel for Paid traffic to support your FREE viral traffic. These ads are written by a team of expert copywriters and marketers who are Pros in this game and know which buttons to push to get people to join your list. They have been doing this for donkey’s years.

Rest assured; your conversions are going to be through the roof.

DFY Email Swipes For Solo Ads

Want to run solo ads to your new 100+ funnels? We paid pro copywriters to write high converting email swipes you can use to drive traffic to your campaigns and grow your list.

These email swipes are battle-tested and deployment ready. Crush your competition to grow your list by leaps and bounds.

Ok, so you heard about leadGrow from the horse’s mouth (that’s me)...

Let’s Now Hear What Existing LeadGrow Customers Are Saying…

This is the best review access I have received this year. I love your products, but this one is absolutely ground breaking.

Thanks for the opportunity to beta test this. I will be the first to buy when you launch. It works as described and this is the first time I was able to see results within 24 hours.

Anne Sutherland

You guys killed it. I love this your software (leadGrow). 5 millions hugs and kisses to your team for this invention. I doubled my list in a few days. 

I love this. I showed it to my grand daughter and she loves it too. Also I love the part that you don't need to have an autoresponder to get started. WOW!

Bob Schmidlii

I have struggled in the past to build my list. I have tried several methods... they all suck. I almost let the offer slide, but goodness lord I got it after some hestiation and double checking the refund policy with the team.


Thanks to leadGrow I have finally started seeing results. 320 leads so far. Can't wait to scale this up. Expect my testimonial when I get to 10k.

Fred Heinrich

My affiliate marketing has been struggling due to my tiny list size.

I took it upon myself after watching the 30 days list building challenge video. I setup 4 leadGrow funnels and built a list of 11k subscribers in 16 days with less than $100 investment.

My first promo did multiple 4 figures and the next one got me on the leaderboard.

Steve Tari

Its rare to find DFY lead magnets in my niche... I was very very happy to find a few of them in leadGrow. 

Just 47 subscribers and I already made 5 sales for $300. I am thinking how many sales I will be making by the end of the challenge when I will have hit the 10k target.

And your support has been very friendly. keep it up.

James O

I just made my first commission ever online. Have not gotten to the challenge list size yet, but thought I should share this here.

$27 is small compared to other screenshots I have seen here, but you need to understand where am coming from. I have been trying to make money for years... bought almost every related product that launched on JVZoo, BUT NOTHING.

Jessica Matt

Help Businesses Build A List Using These DFY Lead Funnels AND Pocket ALL Profits

There’s no business online that doesn’t need more leads. It’s something unheard of.

Help businesses build a responsive list and they will happily pay you whatever your asking price. It’s up to you to charge them a one-time fee, a monthly retainer or even ask for a cut…

… you don’t need to pay us any royalty or commission on the money you make using these high-quality lead magnets.

With this special launch offer you can get your hands on the Commercial License for leadGrow WITHOUT upgrading or paying anything extra.

Here Are Some Of The Businesses & Individuals You Can Sell This As A Service To:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers and Vloggers
  • eCom Store Owners
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Agency and Freelance Designers
  • Anyone selling anything online

Just When You Thought You Are Getting The Perfect Offer Today – Let Us Make You A Little Extra Happy…

When you get access to LeadGrow today, you also get access to these high value tools as bonuses…

Bonus 1

FB Audience Builder
Lets You Scrape the Perfect Audience on FB & Boost Your Campaigns Without Stress

This will help you build a super targeted Facebook audience for your campaigns by collecting and extracting user data (Name & ID) from any post on Facebook pages, groups, events and save data to a TXT file, Imagine Scraping up to a million results at once, export as TXT, then boost your campaigns while save time and money looking for the perfect audience.

Bonus 2

Instant Publisher
Create Instant Facebook Articles & Simple Google AMP Blogs

Instant Publisher is a multi-purpose blog & magazine app which you can use to easily create Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP pages. Instant Publisher has clean, responsive and user-friendly design. You are able to manage your posts, categories, users and settings with its powerful Admin panel. Dynamic form for creating posts. Ad management ready you can easily add ads to your posts. It is secured, seo optimized, fast and simple to use.

Bonus 3

Traffic Hover
Monetize Any Image Shared on Social Media

This combines all of the web’s most popular social services into one easy to use software plugin.

Traffic Hover allows you to quickly and easily add hover-over social buttons to your images on-the-fly making them instantly “shareable” on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Even better, the hover effects are silky smooth, cross browser, and come with multiple overlay images! More Shares = More Traffic = More $$$$

Bonus 4

Track Unlimited Social Activities From ONE Dashboard

This works by letting you create and show fictitious notifications to motivate users to take action on your site! Create an effect of a queue on your website

How it works:

 >> Create a notification set. Construct a             notification template with text & variables (it’s super easy).

 >> Style and configure additional settings for your notification set, if you want.

 >> Place the notification set anywhere you want on your website and the plugin will generate non-stop notifications, based on your template!

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You’re Going To Fall In Love With This Awesome List Building Tool. You’ll see results in a matter of a couple of days.

And till you get such results, we want you to be fully relaxed, not doubting your decision even for a second. We are including a 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

You don’t like the results LeadGrow gets you, you don’t like the tool itself or you’re just having a bad hair day – whatever the reason, we aren’t going to ask you to explain. We will simply respect your decision if you want a refund within 30 days of your purchase and issue it promptly.

No deductions. No penalties. No excuses.

Full money refund promised.

Limited Time Special Offer

Normal Price: $564/Year

Today Only: $67 One Time Fee

HURRY! Special Launch Offer Ending Soon...

It’s a complete ‘No-Brainer’ 

With LeadGrow you have everything you need to build super responsive lists of active buyers.

You now have the tools at your disposal in the form of lead magnets and you have the ability to siphon free traffic from Social Media.

You have the license required to sell ‘List Building’ using these DFY Lead Funnels as a service for whatever price you want and keep all the money.

You are getting access to some very powerful tools free of cost as bonuses for this special launch. And your small one-time investment is fully backed by our 30-day money back guarantee.

All these make this a ‘No Brainer’. leadGrow works for everyone, irrespective of the niche they are in. You have seen the results people have generated and you heard them talk about their success stories. Heck, you have even seen the tool in full action mode.

There is simply nothing left to do now. Just get access and start building a solid list that will guarantee a secure financial future for you

Looking forward to seeing you in the Members Area,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will this definitely work for me?

A1.  We have run hundreds of beta tests before going public with leadGrow. We chose marketers from different niches and at different levels of experience. There is NOT a single business online that doesn’t stand to benefit from leadGrow.

Q2. I can use these DFY Lead Funnels to sell leadGrow as a service forever?

A2. Only if you secure access to leadGrow today during this special launch. The Commercial License is included at no extra cost. You can sell this as a service to an unlimited number of customers. After the launch, however, if you decide to get access – you’ll have to pay a yearly fee of $497 and can sell the service to maximum 50 clients in a month.

Q3. I have no tech skills and experience whatsoever. I am just starting out. Should I get this or wait?

A3. Lucky you. Most people getting access today would have dumped a lot of money on useless tools and wasted countless hours experimenting. You, on the other hand, are getting access right away to a complete done for you solution that will literally serve you leads on a platter. As mentioned, you don’t need any specific skills whatsoever. 

Q4. What if I want to get access to it later?

A4. You can get access to it after 3 months from now. The offer will look something like this at that time…
        >>  Only 10 DFY Lead Funnels in place of 100 that you are getting now
        >>  Pay $497 per month for Limited Commercial License
        >> The one-time will be replaced by a much higher (to be decided) monthly recurring subscription
        >> No bonuses

Q5. I still have a query that is not answered anywhere on this page. What do I do?

A5. No worries. Get in touch here  and our team will be happy to assist you.

This Is Your Last Chance

Normal Price: $564/Year

Today Only: $67 One Time Fee

HURRY! Special Launch Offer Ending Soon...

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This product is NOT part of ListGrow by Mike Dillard’s and have nothing to do with it and the objectives and content of Leadgrow

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ListGrow - 100 DFY Lead Gen Funnels + Viral Traffic Software

If you close this page and come back later, you risk paying a lot more for LeadGrow. Click HERE To Get it now so you don’t regret later. See you inside!

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