Getting Started With DesignBundle Reseller Account

With DesignBundle Reseller license, you make money by reselling access to the platform through your own customized URL and price.

Step 1:   Login to your DesignaBundle Dashboard and select on "Reseller".

Step 2: Input the customers details, select a subscription plan.
Booom...! Account created, customer can now login with credentials. 


JVZOO Step 1: Under Reseller, Click on "webhook".  Select JVzoo to automatically create account for customers ones they buy from your JVlink.
Let me show you how this integration works.

  • Login to On your JVzoo dashboard.
  • From your dashboard, click on "My Account".
  • Scroll down to "vendor Information" copy the JVZIPN Secret Key. 
  • Paste on your DesignBundle JVzoo option 
  • Click "Generate URL" and you are ready to GO

Step 2: Create a product inside your JVzoo dashboard or Click Here for a step by step Guide on how to create a product in JZvoo

Step 3: After creating the product in your JVzoo account, use the links in the DesignBundle webhook for your Jvzoo buttons.
There is lifetime and Monthly so insert the links in their respectful fields.

PAYPAL Step 1: 

  • From your DesignBundle Reseller option. click on "Generate URL".
  • If your paypal is already signed in, the url will be generated automatically but if you re not logged in, You'll need to do so.

Step 2: 
use the links in the Designbundle webhook for your PayPal Buy buttons. 
There is lifetime and Monthly so insert the links in the Buy buttons.

I believe this article has been helpful! If you have any further inquiry, kindly contact our support at

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