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10 Design Tools... 1 CRAZY Low Price

10 Professional, Easy To Use Design Apps

For Less Than The Price of One!


Pixa Easy Landing Page Builder: Create

 Beautiful Websites With Just A Drag n’ a  Drop


Pixa Graphics Designer: Pump Out Jaw-Dropping Designs in Just Minutes Even If You Have ZERO Technical or Design Skills.


Pixa Logo Creator: Allow Our AI Technology Create Your Perfect Logo Automatically!


Pixa Ecover Creator: Be Judged By Your Beautiful Book and Software Covers...


Pixa Mock Up Creator: Create Stunning Business-Boosting Mock-Ups In Just Minutes


Pixa Scene Creator: Look Like A Total Pro With Stunning Office Mockup Scenes


Pixa Stock Explorer: Over 125,000+ of Valuable Royalty Free Content At Your Fingertips


Pixa Flexible Images: Get 15,000+ High Resolution, Transparent Background Images To Add To Any Project


Pixa E-Book Creator: Turn Boring Documents Into Beautiful Sellable, Shareable E-Books In Just Minutes


Pixa Video To GIF Creator: Convert Any Video To An Eye-Catching Animated GIF In Just Seconds

Plus Bonus Apps Available During

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Quote Creator: Inbuilt quote engine with 450k+ quotes across different niches

10 Design Tools... 1 CRAZY Low Price

I want you to go all in for designbundle because the offer is more than a deal, the 10 most needed design softwares, all for the price of one, that sounds crazy, I would say you jump in before they changed their mind about the price

Dr. Amit Pareek

In the Past Three Months, using DesignBundle Graphics and design Suite we have been able to generate 2 times more Revenue from Client Projects at record delivery time while still maintaining a Strong Customer Feedback. Thats just one example of how I have been able to improve my income and consulting business with DesignBundle.

Godswill Okoyomon

The eBook creator was easy to use with a great selection of templates. The design area is well laid out and the functions are easy. I could duplicate elements or whole pages which made the creation go even faster. Result was an attractive ebook.

LuAnn Beckman

Design work. The struggle is real.

We all need it. But when it comes to it. It’s a pain in the ass.
Designers are hard to pin down. They’re not cheap. And they’re unreliable.
How much money have you wasted on designers over the years you’ve been online?!

Stop Wasting Time. Stop Wasting Money.

YES - We all know great design is ESSENTIAL to succeeding online.
Even if you don’t pay very much for your designer, time is money and time is precious. 

Your Designer Is Holding You To Ransom.

Whilst you’re waiting for your designer to get back to you with your designs - you’re losing money.

Whilst you’re chasing up your designer - you’re wasting time.

If you think you’re getting yourself a bargain on Fiverr (when was the last time you paid just a fiver for a gig anyway?!)

We’ve All Been There… Now, Imagine This:

All you need is a quick design job doing. You need a great designer to rustle up something for you. By the time you reach out to them…Explain the brief…Wait for them to respond…Wait for them to update you…Chase them up…FINALLY receive your work...

Damn! You need revisions...

  • Revisions requested…
  • Wait for a response…(Pay extra for said revision)...
  • Still waiting for response…

Finally the work arrives.

It’s ok. But you’re resentful. You’re out of pocket. And you’re out of time. Next time you’ll look for another designer…So you start again next project and the whole sorry cycle starts again.

Sound familiar?!...

There Must Be An Easier Way. And There Is...

When you need a job done right - you do it yourself. right?

But that USUALLY means you have to spend hundreds of $$$ on quality software to get quality results.

Most of which have a steep recurring price tag. Now we’re not going to lie to you, there are some great design softwares out there.

But everytime you need a different

 design job done- you need a

different piece of software.

And before long, you’re signed up to multiple design softwares…All with their own price tag…

All you wanted was a: Website, FB Ad, Twitter Banner, Mockup, E-Cover etc etc etc...

Every design task = A different piece of software.

Soon you’re paying through the nose. 

Soon, things are getting complicated.

Things are getting costly.

 Things are getting out of hand.

So Just Imagine If I Could Give You 


Design Tools All Under One Roof…

  • Superior Quality
  • Designed To Rustle Up Your Every Design Need In Just Minutes
  • With Minimum Effort
  • and Most Importantly:
    For Just A Single One-Time Fee.

And you could rest assured that they would be

All Included. All Awesome. All Under One Roof. 

Stop Imagining. And Meet:  

The Swiss Army Knife Of Design Tools:


10 Professional, Easy To Use Design Apps

For Less Than The Price of One!

10 Design Tools... 1 CRAZY Low Price

Let’s Have A Closer Look At The 10

Amazing Design Apps You’re
 Getting All Under One Roof…

(For Less Than The Price of One!) 

Pixa Easy

Page Builder:

  • Drag and Drop
    Create Beautiful Websites In Just Minutes
  • No Coding Skills Required
  • Build Websites With Ready-To-Go Premade Blocks
  • Export your landing pages and host anywhere


Premade Design Blocks

to Choose From

Create beautiful websites and landing pages in just minutes with simply a drag n’ a drop! Ad pre-made design elements, called blocks, to the page and then edit with no design or coding skills required!


Premade Full Website Templates

 It comes preloaded with hundreds of blocks and ready-to-go professional landing page templates.

Pixa Graphics


  • No Design Skills Required
  • Quickly: Create Facebook Ads That Get You Great ROI
  • Quickly: Create Eye-Catching Social Media Covers
  • Quickly Create Profitable T-Shirt Designs
  • Go Viral With Quick-To-Create Memes
  • Create Ready -To-Print Business Cards,
  • Presentation Covers, Letterheads and More…


Design Templates Ready to Go

Have zero to nil design or technical skills?  This is your perfect tool for pumping out jaw-dropping, professional designs in just minutes. Create facebook ads, social media covers, post, ecovers, business cards, presentation covers, tshirts, memes, and many more...

Facebook Ad templates, Webinar slides, Blog covers and Buy buttons, Youtube cover and video graphics,  Social media post and covers

... and many more templates.

Pixa Logo


  • Unique AI Software Automatically Makes Your Logos For You In Line With Your Choices
  • Create Eye-Catching Logos In Minutes.
  • Pre-Loaded With Over 545,000 Ready-To-Go SVG Icons

Make a stunning logo with just your thoughts...This Artificial Intelligence (A.I) powered tool allows you to create remarkable logos for your startups, businesses and projects in minutes. 

Simply answer a few questions and the software will auto-magically create your perfect stunning logo. Edit and customize to your exact specifications and bring your idea to life.


HQ SVG icons

 It comes pre-loaded with over 545,000 SVG icons. 


Ecover Creator

  • Create 3D Ecovers For Software
  • Create 3D Ecovers For Ebooks
  • Create 3D Ecovers For Ebooks
  • Pre-Loaded With Over 400+ Pre-Designed Templates.

These are covers you WILL want to be judged by! Get one step ahead of your competition by creating stunning, professional 3D ecover mockups for your books, software and many more in just minutes.


Beautiful Cover Templates 

 It comes pre-loaded with 500+ beautiful cover templates to make the kind of eCovers YOU would WANT to buy or read - (not those terrible cheap looking things you unfortunately see WAY too often!) 


Mockup Creator

  • Put Your Logo Or Image On Any Mockup Background In Just Seconds
  • 100+ Ready To Go Templates 
  • Includes LaptopsDesktopsiPadsSmart Watches etc...

Showcase your work and look like a total pro with beautiful mockups, generated in literally seconds. 

Show off your killer concept on over 100+ mockup templates, including laptops, desktops, ipads, smart watches and many many more...


Scene Creator

  • Look Like A Total Pro With Stunning Desk Mockup Scenes
  • Simply Click, Drag n’ Drop to Create
  • Over 300 Moveable Items
    Editable to Your Exact Desire In Just Minutes

Showcase your work in your dream workspace. Create stunning virtual workspaces to show off your awesome ideas with over 300 moveable items. 


Moveable items

Simply choose a desk style, add a screen, add your accessories, text and perfect background and export in a snap.


Stock Explorer

At Your Fingertips Library of Over 2.5 MILLION + Royalty Free Visual Assets!

You Never have to spend Money on royalty free content EVER again!

Save massive amount of money with your own library of over 2.5 million+ royalty free visual content. Featuring 2 million+ Images, 10k+ Vectors, 100k+ HD Videos, 2,500+ HQ Clipart,  5k+ Video Backgrounds, 8k+ Animated Graphics and much, much more.


HQ Vectors


HD Videos


HQ Clipart




Video Bg's




Flexible Images

  • 15,000+ High Resolution Images With Transparent Backgrounds
  • Flexible and Usable For ANY Project
  • Create 3D Ecovers For Ebooks
  • Compatible With Almost All Top Graphic, Video and Design Apps.


High Resolution Images.

with transparent backgrounds to blend perfectly with your every project. Highly compatible with almost all graphic, video, web design, presentation, cloud based apps. 


Ebook Creator

Turn Boring Documents Into Beautiful SELLABLE, SHAREABLE E-Books In Just Minutes

Easily Create:

  • Lead Magnets
  • Reports
  • Books
  • Novels
  • Howtos
  • Cheet Sheets
  • Tutorials
  • Courses
  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • Infographics
  • Roadmaps


ebook PDF Layouts

This software helps you to turn boring documents into beautiful and eye-popping designs in minutes. Ready to sell, share or use to gather leads. Create lead Magnets, Reports, Novels, How tos, Tutorials, Ebooks, Courses, Magazines, Journals, DIY Articles, Textbooks, Fiction, Resources, Cheatsheets, Roadmaps and many many more...


Video to Gif

  • Convert Any Video To GIF In Just Seconds
  • Upload Your mp4, api, WebM, flv, wmv and more…
  • Turn Them Into High Quality Animated GIFs In Literally Seconds
  • Shareable. Viral. Attention Grabbing.

GIFS have a million uses - people LOVE sharing them and they are a great way of getting your message across in this day of short attention spans and viral content. With this online video converter you can upload and convert any video to a high quality animated GIF. Mp4, avi, WebM, flv, wmv and many other popular types of video and rich media files are all super-compatible.

Plus...That’s Not Even All! As A Bonus For Being A Fast Action Taker And Grabbing DesignBundle For The Best Value Price Possible, 

We’re Giving You This Exclusive Bonus*

*Available during this exclusive offer period ONLY.

Pixa Viral 

Quote Creator

  • Pre-Loaded With Over 421,500 VIRAL Quotes
  • Instantly Searchable By Keyword
  • Matched Perfectly To Your Images
  • Add Custom Overlays
  • Explode Your Viral Reach

Preloaded with over 421,500 VIRAL quotes, all instantly searchable by can match the perfect message to your custom images with just a few clicks. Add your chosen overlay...share and EXPLODE your viral reach.

See This Powerful Demo of 
All DesignBundle Tools